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Your Life, Reimagined.

One step at a time.

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Coaching is an empowering tool that can take you anywhere you want.
It has endless possibilities and it works in a very organic way because it's based on what is right for YOU.
Whether it's business related or more personal, there is always a solution to your challenges.  
If you can imagine it, then it's possible and it's already happening.


Get the most out of the big changes in your life

Life transitions are one of the most common reasons people hire a coach. When big changes occur, we can sometimes feel lost and confused as to where to go, which steps to take or even what is right for us. Whether it's Motherhood, Covid, changing careers, retiring, divorcing or simply feeling the life we live is not true to who we are anymore, these transitions are all pivotal moments that have to be handled with care and planning. A coach can help you truly understand what you want from that shift and how you can transform it into into the best thing that ever happened to you...

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Reconnecting with our feminine power to rise strong again

Life balancing, self confidence, imposter syndrome, over achievement, guilt, never being worthy or good enough are some of the many struggles women suffer from, regardless of their status, age and success. I have developed unique and wonderful tools to help women connect with themselves and truly face those beliefs that are holding them back. Nurturing, loving yourself, envisioning and implementing the right mindset and goals, are the first steps to true empowerment.
Then let the GLOW begin...



Do less to be more and reconnect with freedom

Do you always add new tasks to your to-do list but never cross anything out? Do you sometimes feel like you are in a crazy rat race where you can never find time to think and enjoy what you worked so hard for ? What about those dreams you had for yourself : are you putting them aside for others ? Balancing it all can feel like looking for a promised land that doesn't seem to exist, so I have developped a whole set of coaching tools to inspire you to achieve more goals, while also focusing on what really matters.
When we find that space we need inside us and we take the time to take care of ourselves, it's our whole world that shifts with us.
For the best.



Reconnect with your children and with yourself

Parenting is pretty much the most incredible and yet challenging thing you will ever do in your life. It often comes with moments of loneliness, exhaustion, doubt, guilt and that paralyzing fear that we are never doing enough for our children. We often forget about having fun during the process, and before we know it, it's all over and we are loosing our temper again. Coaching can help you reconnect with your child and your own identity as a parent, whether you have a teenager stuck on their phone or a new born. It can literally revolutionize how you parent and give you the tools to overcome all your challenges, so you can be a happier parent. And let's face it: a happy parent, is happy kid...

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Michele S.
Business Owner

"A coaching session with Antonia is like having a really great conversation with a close friend. A friend who has only your best interest at heart. Through careful listening, she helps you to discover your own answers and conclusions. Although we may have already had the answer deep down, her coaching makes it clear and brings it to the forefront. It’s my sincere belief that anyone can benefit from a session with her, no matter the topic. Personally, I can’t wait to delve into another session and explore some more!"

Rachel Kiddell-Monroe
Executive Director of See Change Initiative

"Working with Antonia has been a revelation. At a turning point in my career, she has helped me identify my vision and recognise my capacity, my strengths and my fears.  With her gentle inquiry, her ability to see things from another angle and her strong intuition, Antonia has calmly guided me to gain confidence and to recognise new directions for myself and my organisation. And it does not stop there! She has also helped me develop some concrete tools - like an elevator pitch for my organisation (and it works!) and a personal set of guiding principles (indispensible). After five sessions over a period of four months, I now feel ready to launch myself back into the world with a new energy and excitement for what's to come. I will keep working with Antonia as I progress down my path."

Kate W.
Artist and Museum Mediator

"Antonia helped me focus on what my true goals were and figure out where my life was blocking. She helped me put a plan in place which involved simple, small changes for things I wanted to change, accept or be grateful for. Antonia is a wonderful listener and really understood how to guide me in peeling back the layers that held me back."

Student and future ski resort manager

"I had a session with Antonia, while I was struggling to figure out my next steps with school Antonia took the time to understand my thought process and made me feel at ease. She is sincere and passionate, which makes her clients feel comfortable sharing. I would definitely recommend her services !"

Ana, 25
Non Profit Program Officer

"At a time of great uncertainty, Antonia's clarity, empathy and ability to support and gently challenge me were key. Together, we worked on a set of principles that now help me confidently make decisions based on my values, strengths and dreams. Antonia held a space that encouraged me to be honest with myself and allowed me to pair reflection with action in different aspects of my life. As I plan for next steps – both big and small– I continuously refer back to our conversations and cherish the sessions we had. I look forward to working with Antonia again!"


Being skeptical is a good thing, specially when it comes to bringing changes in your life.
You need to understand the process to trust it.  
Here are some of the great benefits of coaching.


The beauty of coaching is that it's all about you. It's a very natural and efficient process because it's based on what you want, not what the coach thinks is right for you.  My job is to guide you, through conversations and explorations, to help you understand what you need and put in place changes that fit your pace, your choices and your lifestyle. I believe that going with what's right for you is the only way to make real and sustainable changes happen.


Coaching is a process that is focused on the future, not on the past. We work on what can happen next for you, taking into account everything you are at the present moment, everything you have learnt from your experiences and your own dreams. Getting stuck in negative emotions and past experiences is the best way to NOT move forward. Designing actions together, even the tiniest ones, can have an incredible impact on getting you unstuck and helping you feel empowered. And that's where all the magic happens.


Coaching is based on the genuine belief that everyone holds the solutions to all their problems within them. All we do as coaches is help you reconnect with yourself and find these answers you need. It's not just a positive take on people's capabilities, it's also a very empowering one. When you know you can do something, when you create small steps for yourself with someone next to you to give that push you need to believe in yourself, it's pretty incredible what you can do.


The great thing about coaching is that it can be done anywhere in the world, at any time. Whether it's face to face, over the phone, video, FaceTime, Skype or whatever device and platform suits your lifestyle, we can talk and keep the momentum going. Everyone can benefit from it regardless of how busy they are, and it helps with being accountable with changes.

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"Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. 

Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice. 

And more importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. "


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