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The Boundaries Buster Course for Women


A unique course to help you set boundaries, learn to say no and take control of your time so you can put yourself at the center of your life again.

The BBC master program is a unique program specially designed around women’s belief systems and obstacles. It’s a step-by-step course that will be focusing on 3 different types of boundaries :

  • Boundaries of time

  • Boundaries with others = how to make sure you learn how to say no and not live according to other’s expectations

  • Boundaries with yourself and how to make self-care a priority.


Through this course, I will teach you how to prioritize yourself in your busy schedule, reconnect with what is important for you, say yes to yourself without guilt and set boundaries with others so you can find freedom and feel that you matter again.


Ready to find out more ?

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who I really designed this course for…


If you are a woman who feels that there is so much more to her than what everyone sees, but you are trapped in your to-do list and what you think you SHOULD do (probably under the pressure of others), instead of focusing on what you WANT to do, then you are in the right place. 

Whether you are :

  • A mother who has spent so much time caring for others that you no longer know who you are or how to take care of yourself. Being a mother has lost his magic and you desperately want to connect with that woman you were before, while still being the awesome mum you are. Balance is key but how can you get there ?

  • A people pleaser who is an unable to say no to others, puts everyone’s needs first and ends up feeling like she doesn’t matter anymore because she can’t voice her needs. Saying no leaves you with terrible guilt, anxiety and exhaustion and you wish you had the tools and the courage to stop everyone from crushing you. You are searching from others a validation that needs to come from you but you have no idea how to get there.

  • A professional who is great at managing her career but a mess when it comes to self-care, resting and pressing pause. You are a perfectionist and a multitasker but it has left you drained, angry and on the edge of a burn-out. Managing time boundaries is a big challenge and as well as letting go. ​​

  • A partner  who is tired of waiting for others to do the same things she is doing for them. You who know that boundaries is what you need but you have never really been given to the tools or the permission to set them, enjoy them and make them sustainable so your life can finally become about you, not just about everyone else.

  • A woman who struggles with all three combined and wonders how she is still on her two feet !! Habits are hard to break and you need someone to support through this transition and give you the confidence to claim your needs and be yourself again.

If this is what you are experiencing in your life and at work, then this course is for you. I am going to explain to you what this course can do for you, what kind of incredible support you are going to get and what kind of tools you need to get to this vision of yourself that is dying to come out.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Understand what boundaries are, how they work for you and what becomes possible in your life when you set boundaries. (Read : incredible freedom and strength !)

  • Overcome your beliefs about what is stopping you and developed the tools that support you to step up, say no to what you no longer want and yes to what works for you.

  • Shifted the way you look at your schedule, remove time and energy-wasters and actually design it so your needs and dreams are at the center of your calendar.

  • Discovered how to implement a self-care routine, how to make it a priority (with yourself as well as with others) and how to value the time you spend connecting with yourself.

  • Know how to face adversity, objections and become strong and confident every time someone challenges your boundaries (Hello Special Bonus!)

  • Met that incredible, brave, vulnerable, wild and empowered woman that has been dormant in you and craving the come to life. And you will remember what it feels to be you, really truly you, again.

  • Enjoyed all the benefits, love and support that come with being surrounded by incredible women who go through the same challenges while getting the best coaching tools to create life-changing habits. You can be there for them while they are being there for you.

I know first-hand that when women come together to support each other, that’s when the real magic happens. You need this community as much as we need you.

So come and see what's possible when you start setting boundaries !

Hi ! I am Antonia and I am a Feminine Empowerment coach.
I am also a wife, a mother of 3, an author and a business owner. 
And with all these hats to wear, I know how messy life can become...

As women, we live under the pressure of so many outside expectations that we often forget what we want for ourselves. 

My expertise is all about understanding women’s life journeys, their obstacles, their beliefs and what makes us incredible creatures. This what I have decided to dedicate my life to. 

It's what brings me joy and purpose.


Boundaries is one of the main topics women talk about in my office because it’s at the center of so many of the struggles they have, whether it’s self-confidence, feeling small, not good enough or being overwhelmed by the many responsibilities they carry. And you know why ? Because it’s all about self-worth and what we believe will make others love us more. The beauty of boundaries, is that when we set them, true freedom comes into our lives.

And that’s what my work is all about : reminding you how incredible you are and empower you to become this woman you were always meant to be.


Enroll in BOUNDARY BUSTERS today




Kate W.

Antonia helped me put a plan in place which involved simple, small changes for things I wanted to change, accept or be grateful for. 

Rachel K.

Working with Antonia has been a revelation. At a turning point in my career, she has helped me identify my vision and recognise my capacity, my strengths and my fears. 

Professional Woman Smiling

Ana S.

Together, we worked on a set of principles that now help me confidently make decisions based on my values, strengths and dreams. 


Identifying the Problem

This module is all about understanding what boundaries are, why we need them and what they can do for you. It’s the opening act during which you will be looking at your own life and understanding how it manifests itself and where exactly the problem is. It’s the essential groundwork that will make everything else possible.


By the end of module 1 you will :

  • Understand what exactly boundaries are, why it’s so important to set them and why it’s so hard to stick to them.

  • Get the roadmap for your path to success so you can clearly see all the steps of your journey and check in at all times with yourself.

  • Appreciate why women struggle so much with boundaries and why our mothers might play a bigger role than we think when it comes to that…

  • Get a clear understanding of which boundaries you struggle the most with and why. Because the boundaries we will talking about (Time boundaries / Outside expectations / boundaries with oneself) are all interconnected, you will see exactly where you are and where you need to go next.

  • Discover what boundaries really mean for YOU and understand your own relationship with them

  • Meet your accountability partner who will support you along the way



Identifying the Obstacles

This second module gets deeper into the ins and outs of how boundaries manifest themselves in your life and all the myths that keep us away from living the life we want. This one is all about learning what we need to let go of and get intentional on what we want next. And yes, this is also all about you, your beliefs and your fears…


By the end of module 2, you will :

  • Learn all about the myths and realities of boundaries whether it’s time management struggles, people pleasing or being unable to practice self-care. We will go deep into each category so you can reflect back with your own life.

  • Be able to identify exactly which obstacle(s) is / are  stopping you and where you need to focus the change and attention. (hello ultra useful boundary visual)

  • Get clear on how much time and energy you are spending and where so you can decide what you will let go of.

  • Learn what beliefs YOU might have about yourself that have been holding you back and what the old you is all about.

  • Release the old narratives that no longer serve you and let go so you can make room for the changes you want to see. This one is powerful so get ready for an emotional journey…

  • Identify and overcome those fears and patterns that stop you from becoming (no worries, I will be holding you all along !)



Creating the Vision and Crafting a New Chapter

In this module, we will start to let our imagination run free and start crafting this life that we want, away from outside expectations, chores and that sense of overwhelm we no longer want. You will start to get excited about the possibilities and get the momentum going. It’s not about the how yet, it’s about the what and meeting this new person inside you that is dying to come out.


By the end of the module, you will :

  • Decide exactly what your days and weeks will look like and what is different about your new life

  • Describe who you want to be next, what you are doing differently and you will be able to see yourself saying no to others and yes to yourself in very specific area

  • Learn how to prioritize and establish the difference between what is urgent and not.

  • Choose the kind of self-care you want for yourself

  • Decide what those non negotiables are in your life and how you will maintain them

  • You will get clear on what is in your control, take action based on that and establish what is not so you can better let go of it.

  • Discover this wonderful and empowered woman that was dormant in you and make her a part of your life so you can make decisions that are right for you.

  • Set an intention and decide where you want to begin the change so your action steps and easy and sustainable



Planning a Vision

Now we are getting our hands dirty in this module and taking all the Aha moments we have experienced to take action and create a plan. A vision gets truly good when it starts getting real. This all about taking control of your time, adding more things that are important for you while slowly removing what no longer serves. This is an art, but no one said it couldn’t be fun !


By the end of this module, you will :

  • Learn the incredible power of saying yes to less and start implementing it in your schedule and in your life

  • Start trimming your agenda to create more space and take control of your time thanks to my 3 golden rules

  • Create a support system around you so you are accountable and you always get that extra push you need.

  • Get ultra clear on what your next move is, how you will do it, when and with who.

  • Have already implemented more self-care in your agenda so you are breathing again and you have more time and space for yourself.

  • Accepted that this new version of you is imperfect, that it might take a little time and that’s wonderful too…

  • Embrace simple, small steps towards what you want next so the change is sustainable.



Implementation and Facing Adversity

The last 2 weeks of the program are all about implementing what you have learnt and what you have decided to focus on. You’ve got the tools, the right mindset and the plan but now it’s time take action and make sure you are an unstoppable force. And for that, you need to be able to face adversity and any obstacle that might come your way. And I have got you covered for that !


By the end of the module you will :

  • Learn how to ask for what you want, stand up for what you think and set your boundaries clearly around you.

  • Identify the challenges you might encounter and find ways to overcome them so you feel prepared.

  • Attend the bonus webinar that’s all about facing adversity and being brave and vulnerable all at the same time.

  • Know how to ignore negativity, walk away and stick to what matters to you.

  • Get clear on what to do when doubt creeps in and learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Discover how to be kind and patient with yourself because that’s an art too…

  • Use your cheat sheet to check in with yourself and keep track of your progress

All of those modules, include my weekly Live support and a great community where you can be safe to be yourself and find yourself again.


(a $2,997 value)

When you enroll during this very special offer, you will get :

  • 5 modules with step by step instructions, exercises and videos to guide you every step of the way while you are implementing more boundaries, more time for yourself and more freedom.

  • 8 Live Coaching call of 1h30 minutes each during which I will be at your full disposal to go over the modules, the challenges you might have encountered AND answer all your questions so I can make sure you are FULLY SUPPORTED as you create change in your life. There will be 1 coaching call a week during module weeks and 2 coaching calls during implementation week.

  • A clear understanding of where you struggle when it comes to boundaries of time, boundaries with others and boundaries with yourself as well as tips, solutions and exercises to overcome them.

  • An opportunity to contribute to the course by giving your feedback and input while having unlimited access to the future versions of the course.

  • A chance to share with someone you care about the course at a discounted rate so they can benefit from this experience too !


  • A whole new perspective of who you are, what you can achieve and what becomes possible when you implement boundaries.

  • A thriving community and like-minded women who are on the same journey as you and who will support you, encourage you and become your friends as you all set yourself free.

  • A forever access to the content of the course so that every time you need it, you can go through the process again and continue the incredible work you are doing.

Plus these Bonuses to Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (And Keep it) 


A special masterclass on how to face adversity and become unstoppable when setting boundaries.

We all know how discouraging it can be when we are trying hard to implement change and no one around seems to be supporting us or understanding us.


This is THE place where a lot of us get discouraged and give up on our vision and plan.


During this webinar, I will teach you how to face those comments and negative behaviours, what to say and when + give you the tools to stay focused and successful.

(a $395 value)



8 x 90 minute group coaching calls each where I will come in live to be there for you.

During that time, I will go over each module, the important messages we have learned and where you should be at.


I will also answer all your questions and you will get chance to interact with other students who are on the same journey as you.


As someone who has taken courses, I can tell you that this is a key part of your success.

(a $945 value)



Let me be very honest and open with you.

Busting Boundaries is a mastercourse that will teach you the art of setting boundaries and will show you how to create those simple changes that make the difference you are looking for. 

This is important work that you will need to do and I will be there all along the way to support you and give you the tools for it.

I did not create this course as a quick money making project. My mission is to support women and empower them.


I want to make sure that YOU walk away from this course having implemented change and having the confidence and the tools to set boundaries and protect who you are and what is important for you.


If for some reason you don’t like the course or feel this is not right for you, NO PROBLEM.


I am happy to refund you in the first 10 days after the release of the first module. This will enable you to have a look at the content, benefit from the exercises and the first coaching call and if you realize this is not right, just reach out and I will refund your investment (full details here).


Dying to ask some questions about the course ? No problem.
We have got you covered :

  • What if I can’t afford the course ?
    There is an option to pay in 3 installments which should make things easier for you. Ask for an early birthday or Christmas gift from those around you : there is nothing more powerful that being offered an experience. Remember that investing in yourself will always have an incredible return and you will be creating life-along habits. It's your time and you deserve to give yourself a chance to be the best version of yourself with a coach for you to succeed.
  • How can I make sure I stay accountable ?
    Showing up for yourself is key here because this is what it's all about : YOU. Set time for this, make it a non-negotiable priority and stay consistent with your efforts. I will be there all along to cheer you up and support you. Together is always better… Plus, all along the way, I will give you tips to make sure everything you do is sustainable.
  • What do I need to make sure that I will succeed ?
    You need to make sure you are committed and ready to do the work. Make this a priority and make sure everyone knows around you. That means asking your family/ partner for example to support you with this and giving you the space and time for it. But don’t worry, in the introduction video I give you some tips for this. After all, this is where boundaries start too ! You need to do the work and exercises between each call to be able to do the following module as you will build up the work. The most important thing to remember is that YOU CAN DO THIS and I will be there all along the way! That's the beauty of the VIP package : I am only here for you.
  • How quickly will I see the results ?
    You will be setting your own measure of success during the first module of the course so you will know when it’s working. Remember also that creating awareness, seeing what is not working so you can change is already winning ! Feeling you are creating change in small things is massive and that will propel you to want more. The course is very practical, very hands on and the objectives you set are easy, measurable and sustainable.
  • Can I recommend this to a friend ? What benefit can I get if I do ?
    Absolutely ! I love to share the love and having a friend doing the course at the same time as you can have great benefits. And guess what, if you get a friend to buy the VIP course or the group course, you will get a free 1-2-1 coaching session with me of 1hour (valued at 195$) . So who do you know wants to work on their boundaries ? Connect them with me via email.
  • What If this is hard for me and I feel discouraged ?
    Changing our mindset and habits can be hard and this is why a VIP package offers you an even greater chance of success. Every time you struggle, reach out : I will be here I am here for you and there is no shame in struggling. You will have on the spot coaching available to you to share your wins and struggles so make the most of it. And the freedom that comes with this is worth all the efforts !!
  • How will the content be given to me and how often ?
    Each module is released one by one at the pace you choose. We predetermine from one session to the other when we meet so it fits your place and your schedule. Once you have done a module and we have met, then I drop the next one. I use a platform called Searchie where all the videos are. You will be given a link when you register to set up your account for free, so you can access the modules. In each module there are lessons with videos and exercises. All the work sheets are also available as attachments for you to print. The coaching calls occurs on a regular base but at a rhythm you determine. All we need is consistency. Our zoom sessions are also recorded so you have a trace of everything.

Still on the fence about the course ?

Remember why you were curious about this in the first place.

Boundaries are a challenge and you know that's where it all begins  Today is the day when you can get the support you need.


  • Creating change alone is hard. This is why, as women specially, we need to have a community around us that elevate us, encourages us and celebrates when we have wins. And you know that magic happens when women come together.

  • Now is always the best time. Sure, you can wait, postpone and find excuses : but how long have you been waiting for things to change ? You can now take matters into your own hands and start creating the change you want to see. And the world better be ready for you, because you are coming !

  • You haven’t worked this hard in your life to give away all your time, energy and what makes you unique to please other people. You deserve to live a life that resembles you and that fits your rules, not everyone elses’s. You should be able to be yourself, take care of yourself and show up as the best version of you. 

  • This is risk free

  • You can do this !!! And I have got your back.


  • Freedom and joy are on the other side of fear. It’s up to you to make this an opportunity!

Need to chat before you can commit?  Reach out for a 20 minute personal call to discuss the course.

Enroll in BOUNDARY BUSTERS today








I created this course because I believe that setting boundaries is the first step to reconnecting with yourself and to feel free in your life. Behind every woman that has sat in my office, the challenge of putting our needs, our self-care and our dreams first has come up.


Because behind the challenge of boundaries what is really hiding is our self-worth and our difficulty to believe that we matter too.


This course is the result of hours of exchanges and difficult conversations. It’s also a beautiful mosaique made of all the solutions and wonderful stories that my clients have shared with me so it’s the result of my work as much as theirs. And I want to give that back to them and to you also.


I am so proud to be offering this to you and I really hope you are as excited as me to begin the work and embark on this journey with me. become that woman you were always meant to be.


Because the freedom, the joy and that feeling that you can be wild and true to yourself again is the best gift you can give to yourself and to others.


Can’t wait to see you on the other side !

Much love,


Enroll in BOUNDARY BUSTERS today






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