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Lessons learnt from Costa Rica

How can September be more like July ?

That's what we all want, right ?

The warm weather, the slower pace, the evening gatherings bare feet and the feeling that we could live like this forever.

For so many, September is back to something.

Back to school, work, early mornings, busy schedules and an array of responsibilities that seemed to have vanished during the summer : we are going back to, not going towards something.

Back to, as if September was some form of regression.

Somewhere in Paradise...

If only we could make that summer joy last.

If only we could experience that sensation of freedom, happiness and possibility FOREVER.

Wishful thinking ? Maybe not...

I have just returned from 3 weeks in Costa Rica and amongst the incredible things I have brought back (memories, laughter, unique experiences with my children and a gorgeous yellow leather bag), I have also discovered what the secret recipe to lasting summers vibes is...

Two simple words that will make everything light and happy.


That's it. That's their secret.

2 words and a whole philosophy of life.

Let me give you a little bit of context here.

Pura Vida means literally Pure Life.

And before anything else, it's a language. Something people say every time they interact with someone (whether they know them or not)

They use Pura Vida to say Hi, to say Goodbye, to say That's ok don't worry, to say Thank you, to apologize and to remind themselves that life must goes on when things don't go well because there are more important things in life.

Because behind the words, Pura Vida is also a Lifestyle. By repeating the words to everyone and every situation, they shift their focus to what truly matters :

❤️ The people we love

🌎 The incredible smells in the air and the nature around us

⏳ The importance to take our time

🧘🏻‍♀️ The need to relax and care for yourself.

Everything else is just noise.

Everything else is unnecessary stress.

You might argue that they live in Paradise so therefore, it's easy for them.

They will argue that you also seem to have it all but you don't know how to enjoy it...

Pura Vida is a way of life, a two-word sentence we should be repeating at all times to remind ourselves what truly matters in life.

👉 Every time things don't go your way : Pura Vida because it will get better soon

👉 Every time your teenager snaps at you : Smile and say Pura Vida because you are lucky to have a healthy and beautiful child in your life

👉 Every time you find yourself rushing : slow down and think Pura Vida because really, nothing is THAT pressing

👉 Every time you are exhausted : take a break and think Pura Vida because when you care for yourself, everyone one is happy (= which means more Pura Vida for everyone!)

That's the secret : Pura Vida.

When language meets action, on repeat, you create rewire your brain.

When words, gestures are all about the beauty of life : you create change.

And this is how my Summer lingered into September, then October, then December and so on...

And Life became pure and wonderful.


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