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Why am I doing this again???

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Do you ever stop and wonder WHY ?

I just think that sometimes, when one is lost or overwhelmed, the best thing to do is go back to the essential.

Go back to the starting point, where everything began.

At that for me is always about the same question : why are you doing this?

Let me rephrase this is a more realistic way so you get a sense of what goes on in my mind : WHY THE HECK ARE YOU DOING THIS AGAIN???

Building my course has been a big undertaking. It’s all new, it’s very exciting and it’s an answer to a key challenge that many women face in their lives : how to set boundaries and say yes to themselves (and no to others) with zero guilt and overwhelm. (click here to get on the waitlist before it's full :

It’s important work for me because it’s one step closer to the vision I am trying to create and the community I am trying to build. It’s one more way for me to help women become the best version of themselves.

But doing something new is a bit like being in the middle of a hard High Intensity Interval Training workout (HIIT).

You were full of good intentions at the start, but now you are painfully looking at your watch while sweating and panting and wondering if maybe you should stop half way because you think that there is no way you are going to be able to finish this with elegance.

Let alone in one piece…

It feels awful, painful, and when you observe everyone else, they all make it look like it’s super easy, that they have it all together while you feel like dying.

Have you been there? Do you also have this punch in the stomach and all sorts of beliefs about not being capable or good enough coming up in your mind?

This is what doing new things, harder things, different things, feels like.

It’s new, it’s weird, you have no clue and it’s triggering all your safety buttons. 😰😰😰

But then, you decide to push.

Why not? You decide that you might be ok in the end, that you are NOT a quitter, that you can be imperfect while learning something new. That you are going to show up and try a bit more.

And once you have redone it enough times, you almost look forward to doing it again, you feel AMAZING and so PROUD that you managed to get there.

Why are we so surprised with ourselves ? Why do we assume we cannot do new things ? Why do we expect to figure out everything and be great at it when we have never done it before ?

Why at times is it so hard to push?

I want to share with you my secret weapon to moving things forward. How I overcame that awful feeling that comes when change and new is introduced.

Because I bet you are probably going through something new, different too. We all do and that’s called life.

Put on your empowering glasses, and here we go...

Let’s establish one hard and true fact : doing new things and creating change is what makes you grow.

Yes, it’s tough but also necessary.

If you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, chances are you will not change, you will not get the challenge and stimulation you need to move forward. And you will be bored. It’s true for business, for friendships, for sex and for so many areas of our lives.

We play safe, we like to play safe because we think it’s stress free.

And when we play too safe, after a while, we stagnate. And that can be stressful too

So we give it a try, we play differently, and then we want to quit because no one is giving us the manual on how to do it or the insurance that it’s going to work. It’s all about being safe.

So here is the trick : what if instead of focusing on how hard it is, on what we don’t know, on the problems we are facing, we shifted to WHY we are doing this.

What was the original reason you started this in the first place ? What were you looking for? What was that vision you had for yourself ?

Because focusing on where it all began is going back to that spark that made it all happen in the first place. That jolt of excitement, joy that came from an idea, a glimpse of something that opened up a whole array of possibilities.

Think about ice cream, flavours and cones. You like your combos, you enjoy them and then one day, you find out that some people also dip it in chocolate. 🤯

That’s what I am talking about : a whole new perspective, an array of new possibilities and already feeling the taste of the chocolate with the taste of the ice cream although you haven’t tried it yet. 🍦😋🍫

See what am I talking about ? To appreciate the chocolate, you need to remember why you loved the ice-cream in the first place and what prompted you to search the upgrade in the first place.

Nothing more powerful than chocolate to create a visual and get your point across…

So how can we achieve that ? What will you do next time you feel like you want to quit and you had the change.


Here is the step-by-step that I use EVERY TIME I feel discouraged by change or petrified about novelty :

✏️ 1-Remind yourself why you started this and what you are trying to achieve.

Write it down, stick a post it in front of you at work or on your bathroom mirror. Remember that first excitement. Create a vision board if that helps you.


✏️ 2-Focus now on the solution you need to create to get one step closer to where you want to be.

It’s not about the problem, it’s about the solutions, small and big, that you will come up with to move the needle forward. Be creative, be audacious : it’s happening anyway so you might as well jump.

✏️ 3-Let go of perfection.

It doesn’t exist, it’s not good for you and it’s boring. No one likes you because you are perfect. No one expects you to master things on day one.

Only you do that to yourself….

Instead, think of yourself as a learner and embrace the pace. Sure, you might fall a few times but that’s how you learn…

🎁 4-Remember that change is an opportunity thrown at you.

You can take or leave it. And if you take, beware because great things are about to happen to you.

I want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS.

You can do anything you want.

You can face anything that comes to you.

And if you are not sure, try the step by step I gave you and see if it makes a difference.

Change is an incredible opportunity gift-wrapped with fear. You can take it or leave, that's always up to you.

So why did I write all this ?

Because my why is to remind those who forget how incredible and resourceful they are that it’s time to become what they were always meant to be.

Much love,


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